Quin FTW was updated today! \o/ That makes a whopping 5 comics live on that comic (42 for Letters to Volrane after tomorrow @_@ )


So I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with this website. It's certainly lived up to its namesake already, as it's creation was completely accidental - much like everything else I've seemed to trip into lately.

My current plan for this website is to use it as a binding point for everything else I've been doing. A jumping off place to go to my DA account, my Twitter, my webcomics, etc. Just somewhere I can go that will let me essentially update it all from one place.

And I think I'll tie it all into a blog/journal of some sort. Or you know, just dig up my blog from ages ago and actually consider updating that!


Well, chances are, if you're here you already know quite a bit about me as is. I enjoy drawing, and MMOs - I like that I'm getting really good at cooking. No more melting steaks to pans for me! I like writing stories, chatting with friends. I believe in a kind of catch all global equality - how you're born shouldn't decide how you're treated. Who you are as a person should determine how you're treated, and that's adjustable.

I go in for the golden rule of the internet - Don't be a dick. I realize I don't always personally abide by the golden rule of the internet, but I'm human, and sometimes I'm a cranky human. Generally I apologize. ^_^

As for an about on this webpage itself, well, #blameKia - and if you don't know who that is, that's fine <3

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